A Friend in Deed

I saw this last night and wanted to reach through my computer and slap this stranger, and then pour water in her lap. I didn’t. This particular urge happens to me nearly every day, which is why I’m glad the ‘Hide’ function exists.

So, your friend’s whole life is changing beyond her control, and instead of offering words of encouragement, you say, “What????”

Believe me, facebooker, your shock is nothing. I almost said ‘compared to,’ but then I thought about it. No, your shock is just nothing.

How to Help a Friend Whose Relationship is Either in Tatters or Over:

  1. Send a private message, either via text or email, that says, simply, “I’m here if you need a friend.”
  2. Send a private message, in the mail, that says, simply, “I have plastic wrap, duct tape, leather gloves, and an alibi. Just say the word. I’ll do the deed. Also, burn this after you read it.”
  3. Send a text that simply says, “I have 8 bottles of wine at my place.”

It’s not about you, it’s about what you can do to help.


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