Da Vinci Had Shit to Do

No longer sleeping, I’ve resigned myself to taking several 20-minute naps every night. Rumor has it Leonardo Da Vinci would take a power nap every three hours, but see, that guy had shit to do.

Da Vinci’s To-Do list:

-Make parachute
-Conceptualize helicopter
-Invent eight-barreled machine gun
-Design first armored car


-Throw out favorite shoes because Moxie ate them
-Resist eating entire jar of peanut butter
-Find that damned brooch

Just imagine if Da Vinci would have had facebook. His statuses?

Leo DV: Is it gay to go by “The Renaissance Man?”

Do you think he would have been capable of such genius if he had a computer?

The answer is no, and any modern (not homeschooled) 10-year-old is proof.  Beethoven was composing his first symphony before puberty.  Modern children are playing Wii Bowling and eating Twizzlers by the Prius-load.  Da Vinci learned Latin as a child. I learned how to make bracelets and play “Bullshit.”

Think about how much of your “work” would not exist if computers were never invented. Now think about how much “work” you don’t do because you’re either on facebook, reading my blog, or the computer just automates the task.

With all the time we’re “saving,” you’d think we’d be an advanced species by now, solving social and/or economic problems and intellectualizing the human condition, but instead, we’ve created Snuggies, Jersey Shore, and silly bands.


[image courtesy of http://sillyband.blogspot.com/]

Am I suggesting that we stop with technology? No. I’m suggesting that we figure out where it belongs in our lives, rather than where our lives belong with it.

Your homework for the week: Use technology to expand your mind for an hour. Listen to an audiobook. Watch a documentary.  Read an independent news article. Now, revel in the fact that you have something to talk about (other than who’s breaking up with whom).

Cassie on.

A note that I drunkenly wrote to myself: “Remember How Mich You Hate Couching ND Blog About It.”


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