Not Noticing the Ocean.

I always wonder if coast-dwellers stop appreciating the beach. When I see an ocean, I idle for a moment, staring wide-eyed at the waves, listening mystified as swells crash onto the shore. But if you live right there, right in front of that beautiful monster, I wonder how long it takes before you’re no longer bewildered by the salt on your skin, sand-under-your-toes, ebb and flow of something much bigger, and much deeper than you.

What have you stopped noticing?

For a lot of us “Millennials,” we barely remember a world without cell phones, emails, and intrusive “lifestyle” marketing. We do not know what it’s like to go to an airport without being subjected to the throes of the TSA, and we are not surprised when our rights are repeatedly violated in the name of the “greater good” (another concept we don’t really understand, though facebook might have a group for it). Isn’t this how it’s always been?  1. Step in and defend your intrinsic value as a human. You are not a number.

On the first day of Health class in high school, my teacher tumbled over a cord and fell. This might have been funny, except that she was an elderly lady, and I regretfully admit that I didn’t do anything. No one did. We sat there in silence, stunned, because we didn’t know what to do, and no one wanted to be the first person to speak up and do something wrong. She was fine, but I was ashamed of myself. When did I become so complacent? 2. Step in and help others.

I sometimes hear friends talk about the “Honeymoon” period of a new relationship. You’re on a whirlwind of hormones and attraction which boils and bubbles until your first fight. “Ope, you’re out of the honeymoon,” your friends will say to you, and you will agree. You will then contrast the subsequent days to “When we were first dating.”  When did your partner’s jokes stop making you laugh? When did you stop trying to impress each other? 3. Start appreciating and working for your relationships.

What did you used to care about that you slowly let go of? What is your excuse? Was it that the more you dealt with your current reality, the less you remembered to chase after your [whatever it was] (great car, great job, great love)?

The more you walked by the beach, the less you stopped to look at it.

This week, your homework is to snap out of it, and if you live by the beach, take a good long stare at it. Stop playing Words With Friends and actually share some words with your friends.

Encouraging you to “Care,”

Chief of CassieCares dot Com 


“By the time he finishes his story the corn is 800 feet high and he’s been abducted by aliens.”


One thought on “Not Noticing the Ocean.

  1. Yames

    Hey. I live by the ocean. And I jump in it every single time I visit just to remember that the ocean is awesome.

    Nice post. You really do care.


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