You ever take a workout class, and the instructor says, “One more, almost there!” like 9 times? That’s how 2012 felt to me. Replace the squats with major life changes, saying “one more” so many times that change became the constant.

In 2012, I became engaged (which my 19-year-old self would not believe). I quit the job I thought I always wanted. I gained ten pounds, then lost it again. I hiked mountains. I read on the beach. We moved houses, a lot. I dyed a piece of my hair blue (and it proceeded to break and fall out. I tried). We sold almost all of our belongings and left home. We have owned four different cars this year (just two now, thankfully). I got to see some of my best friends all over the country. I had major surgery (and gained some seriously badass scars). I ate things that I can’t pronounce. I met some amazing people who have taught me incredible things. ¬†Boredom became a rare, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable feeling that I no longer knew how to deal with.

What I learned from all of this change is that my body, my mind, and my relationships can withstand more tests than I ever thought possible. I feel like I crammed a lot of life into 2012, and 2013 met me at the end of class to say, “Good. Now do it again.”

And I intend to.

A wise friend of mine said, “We’re all stronger than we even know.”

That’s the message I’d like you to take into your new year.




Throw caution to the wind, or your bra onto a chandelier. Either way, you will land on your feet.








“I didn’t get the job. I was just way too honest. I told them I fainted in high school.”
“Why did you tell them that?!”
“Well they asked me what my weaknesses were…”
“And you said , ‘staying conscious’ ?”



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