DIY Gift Card / Coin / Seed Envelopes

Favors are such a classy touch for any party, and I wanted to give something to my wedding guests to thank them for sharing our day with us.

But the koozie has been done to death, and nobody gives a shit about bubbles. I wanted something unique, useful and personal that I, Cassie, would actually want in my home.

The catch was that I needed it to be almost free, even with enough for over 100 people. I decided on handmade coasters (with wood from the forest we were married in) and wildflower seed packets with a happy wish from us.

The coasters, which I’ll talk about in a later post, were easy and cheap (and handled mostly by Z), but the envelopes were a problem. Why the hell are tiny kraft envelopes so expensive?

To do this cheaply, I knew we’d have to make them, so after some trial and error, I devised a method for creating our own out of some beautiful scrapbook paper (I bought a whole book for about $10 at Hobby Lobby).

Here’s how I did it!

DIY Envelopes

What you’ll need to make your own envelopes:


  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • A paint brush and water
  • Scrapbook paper in your favorite design
  • A coin or gift card envelope template (I used this one and modified it)
  • Some good music and a friend or two (this is tedious stuff if you’re making 150 of them)

First, we traced my template onto our scrapbook paper and started cutting. Since it’s thicker than normal printer paper, this became our new template.


Second, I folded up the bottom flap and put glue on the side that would touch the other flaps.


Then I folded the first flap over and added Mod Podge (again, to the part that will touch the other flap).


Added a quick brush of Mod Podge to the outside to keep it all together.


Let them dry, then stuffed with a nice little message before I put in my wildflower seeds (a mix that I got at Menards for about $6).


The finished product looked so beautiful on our tablescape (these last two photos are by Hooton Images, more of their amazing work here), and they were a huge hit with guests. I’m glad I made extras, because people were asking for more!


Overall project cost: Less than $20 (includes craft materials and seeds)
Time Investment: 1-2 hours for two people to make 150 envelopes

Using these handmade gift card envelopes as seed packets worked wonderfully, and I know I’ll be using this technique again for the holidays. Or just all the time. Who doesn’t need a bunch of gorgeous tiny envelopes at all times?


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