F*** Yeah, Friday: Actually Awesome Dollar Tree Stuff

You know what? It’s finally Friday. It’s been a long week and you deserve to treat yourself.

Except you’re broke, and that sucks real bad.

Great news! I’ve compiled a list of Dollar Tree finds that are actually awesome, and will all look fabulous in your place. Added bonus? No one will be able to tell that you scored all of this so cheap.


Look, I don’t buy expensive barware because I’m clumsy. I’ve broken far too many wine glasses to pretend to be a classy broad. I always get my stemware and mugs at the Dollar Tree, and no one is any the wiser. My sister once felt guilty for breaking one. I laughed and laughed.


I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a frame that wasn’t $1.00 . It just doesn’t make sense to me. Plus I really like having pictures of other people’s families around. Just kidding. I eventually intend to fill these frames. I do. And cheap towels are just fuggin handy.


I  love the look of a white square plate. I bought a set of six of these ceramic ones last year, and they’ve held up swimmingly.  And bamboo placemats for a buck a piece? Duh. You need these in your life.


I’m a basket person. I like everything to be super compartmentalized and I legitimately enjoy looking at how put-together baskets can make my house appear. These metal baskets can be painted in metallic colors for that Restoration Hardware feel, or if you’re using them under your sink, just leave them, because no one’s going to look there. Except me.

You’re about to become DTA (Dollar Tree Addicted). Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Happy Friday and Take Care!


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3 thoughts on “F*** Yeah, Friday: Actually Awesome Dollar Tree Stuff

    1. cassiecares Post author


      And I’d say for the most part the quality is on par with other stores’ (Target, Gordmans) mass-produced stuff. Unless you need a mop. I can’t endorse DT mops.

  1. T

    I have recently (today) discovered the awesomeness of Big Lots. Not lying…you can literally buy groceries there. Amazing.


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