Give Old Shoes a Second Chance (For $1)

Two things I like:

1. Wearing stylish clothing and accessories.
2. Being mindful about how much I’m consuming.

Tough to do in a world where we just throw everything away and fashion changes seasonally. Still, I always try to repurpose clothes before I donate them because I feel it’s important to love what you have, instead of always looking for more.

If you get your hands dirty (or covered in glue) you can make make your wardrobe last at least an extra season or two, and it’s cheap to boot.

I took three pairs of shoes that were perfectly fine (other than the fact that I’m tired of them) and gave them a little pick-me-up.


Pretty cool, huh? Keep reading if you’d like to see how I did it.

First, here’s a picture of what you’ll need.


Studs (these were half-off clearance price at H&M. I paid $1 for two packs) , whatever gems you’d like to use in adorning your shoes (my sequins are extras from a party dress, and gems are from a pair of broken shoes), and super glue (easier to work with than hot glue). I kept needle-and-thread and scissors handy, though I didn’t use them.

push firmly

Arrange your studs to see what you like on the shoe, and then press firmly and evenly to get the studs to go through the shoe. Make sure you consider your toes!

watch your toesa

See those spikes? Make sure they’re folded against the top of the shoe so you don’t fill your shoe with blood (Romy and Michelle, anyone?). I broke a few nails during this step. Please use caution while folding the spiky end of the studs!

get gluey

For the nude shoes I used sequins and gems, then mixed with a couple of leftover studs. Patent leather is really tough to poke through, so it was a lot easier to embellish these using mainly glued-on gems and sequins.


That’s it!

Total cost:

$1 for studs at H&M
(I had the gems,glue and sequins handy, and you can definitely find these on the cheap)
30 minutes
2 broken nails

I hope you get a chance to try it yourself! If you’re trying it and have questions about the process, please ask in the comments.

Take Care,



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