A Very Special Golden Birthday

My golden birthday was when I was eight years old. I may have peed my pants at the Roller-Rena. This is why I no longer roller skate.

So when I found out my sister was coming to town for hers, I wanted to make it special and have her remember it for the right reasons. After all, she only gets one of these!

Included in this post are lots of little gilded touches and a little DIY. No roller skates required.

I got to work making a pennant out of some leftover scrapbook paper (remember the coin/seed envelopes?), a shopping bag (nice, firm paper) and tape.  Then I used a roll of craft paper to make a dotted table runner.


I painted little golden circles across the paper runner and pennants, using paint that I already had in the ol’ supply box.


For the tablescape, I wanted to feature little splashes of gold, and this took some serious planning ahead. The napkins, owl candle, and confetti stars are actually leftover Christmas party items that I bought from the sale rack at Anthropologie back in February. Always a good idea to look for things out of season.


Add some fresh flowers and a few presents, and you’ve got yourself a tablescape!

I’m also going to maintain the illusion that this setup didn’t end up covered in spilled liquor and chip crumbs. It is, after all, a celebration.

And on a serious note, Miss Rachel, I’m so glad to be spending your Golden Birthday Weekend with you. I’m so lucky to have such a thoughtful and beautiful person as my sister. Thank you for being in my life and for teaching me so many lessons in positivity, kindness, and joy. And for the time you turned the shower knob the wrong way and made me laugh so hard I almost died.






One thought on “A Very Special Golden Birthday

  1. meg zandi

    did you know that some people don’t know what golden birthdays are?? when i had mine i was so excited and people were like “what is that even?” SO IM SO GLAD SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS ABOUT THEM AND THINKS THEY ARE SPECIAL AND AMAZING.

    happy birthday to your sister!


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