Hi, I’m Cassie!

I write this blog so you can look busy at work.

Lucky for me (and you), the internet happened.

I’m a 26-year-old, omigod I’m 27– cancer assassin and an avid reader. I cannot stop writing, making things, and eating. Whiskey is my life force, though I’ve been known to dabble in the Tequila Arts.  Things that I would miss if an apocalypse happened: Burger King, 7-11, Amazon, and purple Gatorade.

Check out some of my podcasts, DIY projects, and blog posts, and feel free to pin and share.

Don’t be shy! If you have questions, comments, a guest post, or an idea, comment below or email me at andcassiesaid@gmail.com .


Also, this is my dog, Moxie, who sits at my feet (actually, on my keyboard). I love him more than most things and creatures.


“Most Bloggers have a day job. They write because they love it.” -Corrie Oberdin

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