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A Very Special Golden Birthday

My golden birthday was when I was eight years old. I may have peed my pants at the Roller-Rena. This is why I no longer roller skate.

So when I found out my sister was coming to town for hers, I wanted to make it special and have her remember it for the right reasons. After all, she only gets one of these!

Included in this post are lots of little gilded touches and a little DIY. No roller skates required.

I got to work making a pennant out of some leftover scrapbook paper (remember the coin/seed envelopes?), a shopping bag (nice, firm paper) and tape.  Then I used a roll of craft paper to make a dotted table runner.


I painted little golden circles across the paper runner and pennants, using paint that I already had in the ol’ supply box.


For the tablescape, I wanted to feature little splashes of gold, and this took some serious planning ahead. The napkins, owl candle, and confetti stars are actually leftover Christmas party items that I bought from the sale rack at Anthropologie back in February. Always a good idea to look for things out of season.


Add some fresh flowers and a few presents, and you’ve got yourself a tablescape!

I’m also going to maintain the illusion that this setup didn’t end up covered in spilled liquor and chip crumbs. It is, after all, a celebration.

And on a serious note, Miss Rachel, I’m so glad to be spending your Golden Birthday Weekend with you. I’m so lucky to have such a thoughtful and beautiful person as my sister. Thank you for being in my life and for teaching me so many lessons in positivity, kindness, and joy. And for the time you turned the shower knob the wrong way and made me laugh so hard I almost died.






Vintage-Inspired Holiday Ideas for Your Weirdo Friends

I scored this mangled 1947 edition of the Saturday Evening Post in the basement of an antique store for about $2. I knew immediately that I’d struck crafters’ gold.


That was two years ago, and I’ve come up with countless ideas for it since. Here are a few that might actually be gift-worthy for those who appreciate a little vintage irony.

1. Wall Art



Cigarette ads haven’t been so bold for decades, and I love how ballsy these claims are. For the non-smokers in your life, the Post has all kinds of odd-ball ads. This Smith-Corona ad hangs in my office. There are pages and pages of crazy claims, ranging from traditional to all-out sexist. Definitely a unique statement for a wall. Just not every wall, or your husband will start to doubt your sanity.

2. Weirdo Holiday Cards.





Because why not? There are plenty of traditional characters in these old magazines, and I thought I’d juxtapose them with some more jarring images for a holiday card that packs more of a punch. (Warning: only send to friends who might appreciate a good statement. ) All you need is some blank stationary and some mod-podge. Voila! A one-of-a-kind card that your hipster friends might actually like displaying. That is, if they don’t think holidays are too passé .

3. Gift Wrap/Box Liners

My dad and I have an old tradition of gifting (and re-gifting) this box to one another. After several re-gifts, it’s starting to wear a bit, but luckily the Post has dozens of pictures of meat (weird, but I’ll take it) that I adhered to the tattered box.




Add these gifts as a nice little cherry on top of your holiday gifts, and delight the Vintage Vixens* in your life.

(*Sorry, I used to write ad copy for a living . It’s a hard habit to kick)

Seriously though, I always appreciate a unique hand-made gift. Time is a valuable asset, and I know how long it takes to craft unique gifts. I hope your weirdo friends appreciate your effots as much as I do.

Take Care,