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3 thoughts on “Find Me

  1. Katie DeFurio

    Hi Cassie, i stumbled on your wedding photos on Heathers page (gorgeous) and then your blog. I was wondering where your husbands wedding band is from? My fiance is dying for a turquoise ring, i have found nearly nothing! Hoping to hear from you. Warmest Regards, Katie

    1. cassiecares Post author

      Hi Katie! Thanks for reaching out. We love Z’s wedding band, and he still gets a lot of compliments on it! We actually got it on etsy from a great shop called Rob and Lean . We got him a ram horn ring from them too! They have a lot of awesome designs and will even do custom work. I’ll shoot you an email with the link as well!

  2. Lindsey

    Hi Cassie! I have completely fallen in love with your wedding photos! I’ve always found my peace outside (I’m an avid hiker), and I can’t imagine having my wedding anywhere but the outdoors. I know it’s a long-shot, but would your family ever consider allowing a wedding on that property for..well..strangers? 🙂 I’ve been searching for a forest type setting not far from home, but in Nebraska– the options are basically none.

    p.s. The tree planting ceremony you involved your family in gave me goosebumps.

    Love and Happiness,


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