These links contain my commentary from News Radio 1110 KFAB ‘s Scott Voorhees show.

Fan Up! “As if I needed an excuse to drink beer out of a funnel and tube contraption.”

Dream Crusher mp3 “Dude, my third grade teacher is HOT. BOOM!”

Handstand Contest:  “Hey, come urinate in my giant chlorinated bathtub.”

Petiquette :”If your child were sticking its face in my crotch, I’d be very concerned.”

Giggity: “You’re just a guy with a mustard stain on your shirt!”

Nice to Meet You “You call that a handshake? I call that compost!”

Sexting “I would dump you faster than you could hit Send. TTYL, ass.”

We’re All Zitty “Some people were a lot more disgusting than I was.”

Bellevue University “Real Learning..” Though I wrote this ad, it is the intellectual property of Clear Channel Radio Omaha, and is not affiliated with Cassie Cares dot com. This is here for sampling purposes only. Thanks for your concern.


7 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Turner Morgan

    Hey Cassie!
    This is great stuff I had no idea you had conquered the web! All hail. I’ll be checking in!

  2. afghanistan

    Hi there, a very good read and it sometimes just takes someone to post something like this to make me realise where I’ve been going wrong! Just added the site to my bookmarks so will check back now and then. Cheers.


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