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Make a (Huge) Watercolor Tapestry for $20

I pinned this picture from Photowall and vowed to come back to it when I felt like spending the money to order an insanely huge wall mural and have it shipped from the UK.



It’s been a year.  I finally had to admit that I would never feel like it. But then the DIY Gods spoke, and I saw an artist named Tate creating this beautiful canvas at Anthropologie.

I asked him what he was working with, and he said it was just a canvas dropcloth that he picked up at a hardware store, along with some fabric dye. I thought, “I could do that,” and so I did. Here’s how.

I grabbed fabric dye at Wal Mart for something like $2 per package, and a canvas dropcloth at Ace for about $10 (note, you should place a plastic dropcloth underneath so as not to stain the floor) and got to work.

Using one color at a time (mixed in a 7-11 Big Gulp cup) I made a loose pattern with the dye, and was sure to spill frequently (I wanted some of the color to run together).

I let it dry in the sun, and here in the desert that took about 10 minutes. Then I took it inside, ironed it (though not all of the wrinkles wanted to come out of this thick canvas) and flipped it over to hang it over the bed.

I loved the reverse side of the canvas with its subtle, unintentional look. Plus, the muted colors complement our (gross) beige walls better than the dyed side.


And of course, Moxie approved.

This project is one of those “I can’t believe I waited so long to try it” types, and at just under $20 and an hour of work, I love the simple nautical touch it adds to our room.
(Note: we are not people who make the bed, except for this picture. You have just witnessed something very, very rare.)


It’s seriously cheap and just as easy as it looks. Give it a whirl!